For many years, friends, fans and artists who knew and admired Tura have enjoyed a fairly free reign in regard to producing artwork or commercial merchandise depicting Tura’s name and likeness. Some did it for creative reasons, some did it for profit, some did it out of respect for Tura, and that’s all great. It has been a mutually beneficial arrangement for all involved, and something Tura herself approved of. 

While some people did take unfair advantage of this “open door” policy, most were genuine and welcomed.

The bottom line? As Tura is no longer here to represent herself, we have to use the utmost discretion in protecting and preserving her image for the decades and generations to come. If you knew Tura, we would expect that you feel the same way.

Thank you for your continued support.

These new agreements will affect the type and quantity of Tura merchandise that will be authorized in the future. No items deemed being inappropriate, or competitive with forthcoming, authorized TURA merchandise will be approved for sale. Merchandise partners are being granted exclusive licenses in specific areas, and these agreements will be legally enforced.

From this point forward, any new merchandise bearing TURA’s name and/or likeness is subject to prior approval and (if granted), written licensing agreement. Anything that is deemed exploitive, too competitive, or infringing on another product license will not be allowed.

In 2022, Tura’s estate will be embarking on new, extremely high-profile ventures with outside partners on many different creative, marketing and business levels. This includes an authorized line of Tura merchandise to be sold globally through officially licensed outlets.

That being said, we are more than happy to partner up on products and product lines that represent the high standard that TURA deserves and will be presented in all future products. So,bring ‘em on! Let’s talk.

Siouxzan Perry

CEO/ Head Pussycat

Tura Satana Inc.

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